‘Oumuamua and the Comet That Wasn’t a Comet

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The fast moving interstellar object known as ‘Oumuamua is back in the news again with a Harvard University professor claiming it is “alien technology.”

It was discovered in 2017 but exactly what it is continues to be debated. The possibility of it being from an alien civilization has been discussed in most of the major mainstream papers, and is just one of an unprecedented number of high profile stories about UFOs and aliens over the last year.

‘Oumuamua was an exciting find for astronomers because it is generally accepted as the first observed interstellar object, meaning it came from outside our Solar System. However, The Aetherius Society has a report of another widely observed interstellar object which preempts this by decades. But before we get to that let’s look a little more at ‘Oumuamua.

The path ‘Oumuamua took through the inner Solar System, showing its position every 7 days Image credit

Was ‘Oumuamua A Comet Or An Asteroid?

Measuring somewhere between 100 and 1000 meters in length, it came within about 15 million miles of Earth – close by astronomical standards. Its name, ‘Oumuamua, reflects its discovery through a telescope in Hawaii and means “scout” or “messenger.”

While other observed comets and asteroids are believed to originate from within our Solar System, everyone agreed that ‘Oumuamua came from outside of our Solar System. But it presented astronomers with a challenge when it came to classification – was it a comet or an asteroid? 

It was initially designated as a comet, but then because it didn’t behave like a comet it was changed to an asteroid, before finally becoming the first of an entirely new class of interstellar objects with the official designation 1I/2017 U1.

But what exactly was it?

Professor Avi Loeb, Harvard University’s top astronomer, says that it couldn’t be described as either a comet or an asteroid because there was no tail or trail of debris, it was moving too fast at 196,000 miles per hour, it had an unusual orbit, and it showed “unusual non-gravitational acceleration.”

He says that the science shows ‘Oumuamua wasn’t actually a natural object at all and therefore must be artificial. While he doesn’t know exactly what it was, his conclusion is that it may have been a piece of advanced technology created by a distant alien civilization. 

Despite his long-standing experience and status in the field, Professor Loeb has encountered resistance to this theory from many in the scientific community. The idea of intelligent alien life has frequently been quashed and ridiculed so Professor Loeb’s willingness to put his credibility on the line with such a theory is commendable.

The Comet That Wasn’t A Comet

Sixty years prior to ‘Oumuamua’s appearance, in 1957, there was a comet that was widely observed and reported in the media. But the report about this in The Aetherius Society’s journal Cosmic Voice, Issue No. 13, December – January, 1957-1958, took a very different view to the mainstream press.

Cosmic Voice included a message received through the yogic mediumship of Dr. George King on 13 August 1957. It came from the Master Aetherius, an advanced spiritual intelligence from the planet Venus, where the civilization resides upon higher frequencies of vibration thus making them, as yet, undetectable by science. Under the heading ‘The Comet,’ the Master Aetherius stated: 

This was what you would call a Space Vehicle which came from outside this present Solar System and even outside the Galactic System. It is making a tour of the whole Galaxy. Although its particular course is now set, however, there are many Patrol Ships aboard and many go out from there, to make various probes into the Milky Way.

Certain Cosmic Adepts are aboard. Its main function, so far as Terra* was concerned and certainly is now concerned, was to spin a Karmic Web. It came reasonably close, so that a Karmic Web could be spun, which will, like a tree planted today, bear fruit when it is grown.

One of the Cosmic Adepts aboard that Space Vehicle, may be regarded by you people upon Terra, as belonging to the Lesser Lords of Karma.

We did not say anything about this at the time, because even your thoughts could have held up certain manipulations, which were taking place.

* ‘Terra’ is the word they sometimes use for Earth

Here is an example of a comet being much more than the rock it was thought to be; being in fact a space vehicle piloted by highly advanced extraterrestrial intelligences.

Was ‘Oumuamua also an extraterrestrial space vehicle carrying advanced cosmic intelligences like the “comet” in 1957? We don’t know, but these words of the Master Aetherius certainly shed an intriguing light on the subject. 

At the time, like all comets, the 1957 comet was also presumed to originate inside our Solar System. But the Master Aetherius says it came not just from outside of our Solar System, but from outside of our Galaxy! Therefore, ‘Oumuamua was not the first recorded interstellar object in our Solar System. There was one 60 years earlier that was observed  without its interstellar origins being realized.

In another Transmission not long afterwards, on 5 October 1957, and appearing in the same issue of Cosmic Voice, the Cosmic Master known as Mars Sector 8 said:

It is also desirable for Earth Operators to make known our previous statements regarding the Comet.

We know that these statements will be met by disbelief, in certain quarters. However, there is a good reason for this move, which may not be divulged fully, to you.

Dr. King followed this directive to the letter and considered this information to be of such importance that The Aetherius Society issued a worldwide press release. Because of the current publicity around ‘Oumuamua it seems appropriate to make these statements known once again.

It may be that the comet of 1957 wasn’t actually the first interstellar spacecraft that has been observed from Earth either. After all, comets have been documented throughout our history, since at least the time of Aristotle. Which makes you wonder – how many of these were also space vehicles? 

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