Oppenheimer’s Response to a Prompt from Aliens

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One fascinating aspect of Oppenheimer’s life, omitted from the blockbuster movie, is his response to a prompt from alien representatives from higher planes of other planets in our solar system.

On June 10, 1954, The Daily Telegraph, a British newspaper, printed an article under the heading ‘Atom particle find excites U.S. physicists’ about a particle detected by scientists at the University of Chicago, which stated:

A photographic record has been obtained of an atomic particle, apparently from outer space, which it is estimated moved at a speed and energy of ten thousand billion volts…

Dr. Robert Oppenheimer, the atomic scientist recently held to be a security risk by the Atomic Energy Commission, said that this was the physics problem to which he now intended to devote his time. ‘It is trying to tell us something if we could read and understand it. Just what the particle is and what force it possesses nobody knows. When we understand what it is we will understand a lot more about the nature of physics.’

The particle tore through a pack of photographic plates carried in a high-altitude balloon over Texas, reportedly like a bullet through a pack of cards. The article continued:

Physicists speculate that the particle is something that nuclear scientists have been asking [about] for years, an anti-proton. This is the opposite to a proton, the core of a hydrogen atom…

In tearing through the film pack it is thought the anti-proton struck a proton and both were annihilated. For scientists the implication is that somewhere in the universe there exists a means of annihilating or converting into energy all the various kinds of matter known on earth.

The story gets really interesting when we find out how this particle got there.

A month prior to this newspaper report, Dr. George King, a Master of yoga living in England, had been contacted by an advanced extraterrestrial intelligence from a higher material plane of the planet Venus, known as Aetherius. This was Dr. King’s first such contact, but it was the beginning of over 40 years of communication with interplanetary beings from both inside our solar system and beyond.

During a channeling session shortly after this news report was published, the Master Aetherius was asked about the discovery of this antiproton and how it got there. There was presumably a hope that the Master Aetherius would be able to give insights into its origins.

The Master Aetherius responded:

we did arrange to bring about this bombardment by an atomic particle, the like of which cannot be found upon this Earth of yours.

We did this in order to give certain of your physicists a lead, so that this lead would help them to evolve, not only mathematical calculations, but also a philosophy superior to that which they hold at the present moment. We feel that certain of the physicists will know and recognise the fact that this particle cannot have been just floating about by chance, that in the beginning it must have been broken away from a molecular and atomic structure, because it is an anti-proton—a part of a particular kind of very fine matter not found in that way on Terra*.

*Note: ‘Terra’ is their word for the Earth.

From You Are Responsible by Dr. George King

So this particle was not there by chance. It was extraterrestrial beings who sent this particle through the photographic plates, and they did so explicitly so that scientists would have something to think about.

It would seem that Oppenheimer began to realize the significance of this antiproton, and therefore to regard it as an important facet of science that he wanted to understand. By deciding to dedicate his time to understanding its implications, he appears to have responded to this extraterrestrial prompting as they had hoped – presumably without his being even remotely aware of the existence of the extraterrestrials in question.

But this isn’t the only aspect of where the worlds of Oppenheimer and aliens may partially intersect.

Oppenheimer is, of course, most well known as the lead scientist in the Manhattan project that produced the atomic bombs detonated over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, in 1945.

When the extraterrestrial beings, or Cosmic Masters as he referred to them, first began speaking through Dr. King in the 1950s, one of the key themes of their messages was that humanity needed to move away from atomic experimentation. They taught that the destructive effects of these murder weapons were much greater than we realized, affecting creation on seven octaves of manifestation, not just the octave our science is currently able to detect.

They were also worried about us taking the development of these weapons even further, to the point that we could destroy ourselves. They had, after all, already seen us do this. The human race has previously brought about the destruction of the civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria through atomic war. And even worse still, the destruction of Maldek, the planet which we lived upon before Earth. All that remains of Maldek now is the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

Oppenheimer’s leadership of the development of the atomic bomb and his later investigation of this antiproton are two aspects of his life that are poles apart.

On the one hand, he has led humanity in the development of a weapon that is expressly at odds with the wishes of the advanced extraterrestrial beings in our solar system. Yet on the other hand, he has later led humanity in a positive way, by following their prompting to investigate the antiproton.

This is a story of the possibility of redemption. We all make mistakes in life but no matter how bad they are, we all have the chance to change and take a better direction. There is no such thing as eternal damnation; there is always the opportunity to begin to make amends.

In a way, this story is a microcosm of the story of the entire human race. Even though there were individuals at the helm, driving us towards our past mistakes, they were ultimately the mistakes of the human race as a whole and we all bear a certain amount of responsibility for them. These mistakes can’t be easily or quickly corrected, but we have to begin somewhere. We aren’t all scientists of Oppenheimer’s standing, but we can still all help the world in our own way.

We are still in a war of sorts today. Not like the Second World War of Oppenheimer’s time, although there is plenty of that kind of war going on now too. But more so, we are still in a war of love against hate. Love will win, it will ultimately always prevail. But we can help expedite that victory through spiritual action. We can pray. We can radiate love from our hearts to help heal and uplift; to raise consciousness and inspire humanity to move in a better direction.

To close, here is another extract from the Master Aetherius, also from You Are Responsible, about the need for spiritual optimism, regardless of the challenges we face:

You are not alone in your struggles—you have never been alone in your struggles for Spiritual supremacy. We have been aware, for centuries, of the tremendous battle now raging on Terra—a battle between basic materialism on the one hand, and Spirituality and enlightenment on the other hand.

Now, when some of you regard the apparent surface chaos of your Planet, you are apt to be despondent. Cast this despondency to the winds, for it is a useless garment—it could never keep you warm because the winds of doubt could blow through its coarse weave and you would freeze.

Discard your despondency!

Have courage, hope and faith that your most honourable aspiration will be fulfilled by a greater magic than any other magic—the magic that is brought about by the power within you.