"The question of intelligent alien life is a spiritual one. It cannot be answered by science alone."


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UFOS and their spiritual message

Event at The Aetherius Society, 6202 Afton Pl, Los Angeles

Saturday, Aug. 3, 2024, 5-7 pm + social

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Philosophizing on UFOs and ET life with Harvard Prof Avi Loeb

It was a pleasure to talk with Professor Loeb: "It may well be that the Messiah is extraterrestrial," - one of the many fascinating comments from him in my guest host of the Mysticast podcast.


One Elephant

A Spiritual Journey to the Cosmos from the 1893 Chicago World's Fair

In a divided world, how can we begin to heal?

Through a realization of the Oneness of all life.

Take a consciousness-expanding journey to the spirituality of the universe, beginning at a grand historical event - the Chicago World's Fair of 1893.

It is a journey through time and space, through ideas and philosophies, of then and now, from the ground beneath our feet to the vast, living universe…

  • How did Nikola Tesla describe oneness?
  • How did Swami Vivekananda illustrate the energy of love?
  • How did the grandfather of quantum physics, Max Planck, view the connection between religion and science?
  • What spiritual experience do an Apollo 11 astronaut, an Indian yogi, a British scientist and a Romantic era poet have in common?
  • Why was the British scientist Sir Oliver Lodge interested in psychic mediums?
  • How did the Swedish mystic Emmanuel Swedenborg, who claimed extraterrestrial communications, inspire the 1893 World’s Parliament of Religions?
  • What do 20th century channeled messages from Mars and Venus have in common with the 19th century founders of The Salvation Army?

All life is One

From a rock to a tree, from a planet to a far-flung galaxy, all life is one.

So if we harm another person then we're really only harming an aspect of ourselves since we are both a part of the same whole.

Advanced intelligent alien life is helping us

They have been throughout our history; from the Star of Bethlehem at the birth of the cosmic avatar Jesus, to the UFOs seen by credible people from all walks of life today.

Spiritual service to humanity is the solution

Politics has failed us throughout the centuries. The solution to our problems is a spiritual one. Spiritual action through the power of prayer is what can heal our world.

Blogs & podcasts

AI & the True History of Humanity

What if, instead of going into the field of electronics and all its side branches, we had gone into the field of “spiritual-onics” if you like, or studied the universal life forces in their higher state—what would life be like on Earth today?

Oppenheimer’s Response to a Prompt from Aliens

One fascinating aspect of Oppenheimer’s life, omitted from the blockbuster movie, is his response to a prompt from alien representatives from higher planes of other planets in our solar system.

UFO news from around the world

The head of NASA and the head of the Russian Space Agency are both taking UFOs seriously – what about you?

UFOs and Signature Management: How the Colossal “Satellite Number 3” Remains Invisible

I only became interested in “Signature management” when reading the US government UFO report released by the Director of National Intelligence. According to the report, UFOs appear to use signature management. 

A Tale of Two Operation Sunbeams

The 1960s could be said to contain demonstrations of both some of the best aspects of our history and some of the worst aspects of our history.

Starting with one of the worst, in 1962, for example, something terrible happened.

‘Oumuamua and the Comet That Wasn’t a Comet

‘Oumuamua was an exciting find for astronomers because it is generally accepted as the first observed interstellar object. However, The Aetherius Society has a report of another interstellar object which preempts this by decades.

Asteroid Approaching Earth – the Remains of a Planet Destroyed by the Human Race?

Most asteroids, meteors and meteorites come from the asteroid belt – but where did this belt come from? The answer, as given by Dr. George King and the extraterrestrial intelligences who communicated through him, is quite a shocking one.

Satellites X-90 & XB-70: What’s in a Name?

In a Transmission delivered in 1954, published in You Are Responsible, the Master Aetherius spoke about two satellites placed into orbit of Earth by the Cosmic Masters: X-90 and XB-70. He said several governments already knew about these satellites.

An Alien Base Under the Sea of Japan

As the name indicates, UFOs – unidentified flying objects – are typically regarded as an aerial phenomenon. However, there is a growing discussion around them not just being seen in our skies, but in our oceans as well. 

Spiritual Optimism

Some people are proud to say they are pessimistic. Some would say that it’s more realistic than optimism.

But actually nothing could be further from the truth.

The Three Habits of the Spiritually Successful

A man on a horse came galloping down the road. Another man standing alongside the road shouted: “Where are you going?”

The man on the horse replied: “I don’t know! Ask the horse!”

Event replays

UFOS: Unveiling the Mysteries and the Conspiracies

The shrouds of mystery surrounding UFOs are being blown away. The stigma is fading. Whistleblowers are coming forward. Elected officials are demanding the truth from the shadowy corridors of power…

Atlantis, Lemuria & Maldek - Discovering our Forgotten Past

Before our present so-called civilization, there was the civilization of Atlantis, and before that Lemuria, also known as Mu – both destroyed in nuclear catastrophes. Prior to that, mankind lived on another planet in this Solar System called Maldek...

Yes, Intelligent Alien Life Exists in our Solar System!

Other planets in our Solar System are not only inhabited, they are teeming with life “not as we know it”. These advanced civilizations have guided and protected humanity throughout our history, and some of our greatest spiritual leaders – Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and others – have come from other worlds.

Was Jesus Extraterrestrial?

Scholars have long-speculated on the mysteries of Jesus’ origins. Some see him as the one and only son of God while others wonder if he even existed. But what if it was something different - what if he was essentially an alien?

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