Satellites X-90 & XB-70: What’s in a Name?

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In a Transmission delivered on 3 July 1954, published in You Are Responsible, the Master Aetherius spoke about two satellites placed into orbit of Earth by the Cosmic Masters. He gave their names as X-90 and XB-70. The Master Aetherius said the governments of several countries already knew about these satellites, although they have never admitted this.

The names X-90 and XB-70 have long intrigued me and I’d like to put forward a possible explanation for them. It’s just a theory of course and you’ll have to make up your own mind about it. 

Here is an extract from this Transmission:

Question: “Are radio waves emitted from Venus and Mars and also from Space Ships?”

Aetherius: “I believe that, in exceptional conditions certain ultra-short-wave radio transmissions have been endeavoured and in one particular place upon your globe, regular ultra-short-wave communications are carried on between X-90 and a group of Occult scientists. In the near future XB-70, which is the number of our second Satellite in space above the Earth, will contact certain radio receiving stations. We hope to use high speed Morse code through a scrambler. The receiving station is already standing by.

“We have two Satellites in Space between Luna and Terra. From these Satellites observers note many changes taking place on Terra. These Satellites are artificial moons which we have built, in order to have some observatories which can keep your Earth under close surveillance. Now, it is from one of these Space Stations that International Morse signals have already been received by Earth and we are going to transmit from the other. I am afraid that I cannot tell you the Earth receiving stations yet for very obvious reasons.”

The Cosmic Masters have in the past named things in relation to their context. An example of this is Satellite Number 3. According to Dr. King, this was so named because there were already two satellites in orbit, and indeed sometimes it is even referred to as ‘the third satellite.’ Perhaps if there had already been three satellites in orbit, then this might have been known as Satellite Number 4. 

Given the straight forward naming of Satellite Number 3, the names of these previous two satellites – X-90 and XB-70 – are complex by comparison. They could have been named simply Satellite Number 1 and Satellite Number 2. Why were they given more complex names?

Satellite XB-70

Interestingly, the name XB-70 was also given to an aircraft in February 1958, less than four years after the Master Aetherius mentioned Satellite XB-70. The aircraft was a bomber which was developed for the US Air Force and had its maiden flight in 1964. 

Initially, one might wonder if the US Air Force somehow copied the name XB-70 from the satellite. Or perhaps there was a more sinister dark force influence at work that inspired them to name their bomber after the satellite. 

The Master Aetherius mentioned the satellite’s name in 1954 and the US Air Force didn’t use the name until a few years later. So if one was copying the other then it would seem that the US Air Force was copying the satellite. But there’s a bit more to it than that. 

Breaking down the name XB-70

The name XB-70 follows a standard naming system used by the US Air Force. ‘B’ stands for ‘Bomber,’ just like the more well-known B-52 bomber. ‘X’ indicates that it is an experimental aircraft.

The number ‘70’ is part of a numerical ordering system in which each craft is named as they are produced. This began with the XB-1 in 1927 and continued in this fashion with future bombers: B-2, B-3, B-4 and so on. So the US Air Force was inevitably going to reach XB-70 sooner or later as they developed more and more bombers. 

So why was the satellite named XB-70 when the US Air Force was already on track to name one of its upcoming bombers XB-70?

This seems an impossible coincidence; surely there must be a reason behind it? 

A nuclear connection

As well as the same names being used within a few years of one another, there is something else that stands out. 

The XB-70 bomber was the prototype of a nuclear-armed bomber that could fly at three times the speed of sound. But even worse, the early designs considered the idea of it being nuclear-powered as well. Imagine the scale of the disaster if a nuclear-armed and nuclear-powered bomber crashed. It’s incredible to think that an aircraft like this was even considered!

In a way, the aircraft shares a strange connection with the Cosmic Masters as it puts them at opposite ends of a spectrum. The Cosmic Masters advocate for humanity to turn away from atomic experimentation, so a nuclear-armed and nuclear-powered bomber would be the antithesis of this. 

Even though they share the same name, the motives behind the satellite XB-70 and the bomber XB-70 couldn’t have been further apart.

So why the common name?

The US Air Force didn’t copy the name of the satellite as they were already on track to use the name. Could it be the other way around? Did the Cosmic Masters name the satellite XB-70 because they knew the US Air Force was due to allocate this same name to a bomber? It seems a strange proposition, but could there be a reason the Cosmic Masters would choose to name their satellite this way? 

In the past, the dark forces in our world have taken powerful spiritual symbols and tried to debase or corrupt them through misuse, such as the cross and swastika, which have both held a spiritual significance for many centuries. In the times of Atlantis there was the even more absurdly named ‘Brahma weapon,’ or ‘weapon of God’ which was an atomic ray. There the name of God was used in the name of a weapon that brought about the downfall of a civilisation.

But perhaps in the case of the XB-70, it was the other way around. Instead of the dark forces corrupting the name of the satellite by using it for their weapon, perhaps the action of the Cosmic Masters was a preemptive strike.

By naming the satellite XB-70, did the Cosmic Masters create a situation whereby the US Air Force would be dooming their project to failure by giving it the same name as the satellite? Did they set it up so that the very act of giving the nuclear-armed, nuclear-powered bomber the name XB-70 was a cosmic crime? 

It’s just a theory and you’ll have to make your own mind up about it. But if this was the case, then the XB-70 bomber project would presumably have brought a negative karmic reaction upon itself sooner or later.

As it turned out, the XB-70 bomber project was cancelled. Only two of these experimental aircraft were made. One caught fire on its first flight during landing. It survived this; going on to fly a number of test flights before the project ended. But the other aircraft crashed just two months after its maiden flight. Thankfully they didn’t end up making it nuclear-powered and it wasn’t carrying any nuclear arms when it crashed.

If the cancellation of the XB-70 bomber project was what the Cosmic Masters wanted, then it would seem that they achieved their goal through an ingenious plan. But a plan well within the level of ingenuity we have seen them demonstrate elsewhere. 

But what about the name of the other satellite, X-90?

Satellite X-90

As it happens, there was also an aircraft with the name X-90. 

It was built by Stearman Aircraft as the X-90 but later given the name SBT-17 by the US Air Force and had its maiden flight in 1940. The X-90 was a “trainer” – an aircraft for training pilots.

Interestingly, Dr. King describes the purpose of satellites X-90 and XB-70 as also being of an educational or training nature. In a lecture on 14 December 1959, Dr. King said:

“These two satellites are what we call classrooms. They have people in them from other planets who, like ourselves, need to learn. In my very small and very humble opinion, I believe that those people in those traveling classrooms around this dark Earth possibly are told to regard us upon Earth. And after they have done so they are then possibly told, “There you are my friends, that’s what not to be like.” If we are to be logical it couldn’t be anything else, could it really?

So the purpose of the X-90 training aircraft – a kind of classroom for pilots – matches the purpose of Satellite X-90 which was also a classroom. Both serve an educational purpose. But the nature of those purposes are again at opposite ends of a spectrum.

Satellite X-90 is training beings from other worlds how not to behave. An obvious example of the wrong behavior of humanity would be our many wars. The X-90 training aircraft on the other hand was training people for roles in war. 

This X-90 naming connection is interesting, but not especially compelling on its own. But it seems more compelling when considered alongside the naming connection of Satellite XB-70. 

Simply ingenious

All of this is of course just a theory. We’ll never know the full story – at least not in this life. We don’t even know if the satellites are still in orbit or not, although they very well may be. But if it was true, it would be an absolutely ingenious plan. 

To name a satellite in such a way that even its very name would help humanity by stopping the creation of a nuclear-armed, nuclear-powered bomber – an horrific killing machine – is just the level of ingenuity we have come to expect of the Cosmic Masters. 

I feel there is even more to this story than this, and I’ve omitted some interesting aspects simply because of complexity (such as the Russian X-90 thermonuclear missile which was cancelled in the 1980s). But there’s one final point on the X-90 name that I’d like to mention.

One final note

The US Air Force runs an experimental aircraft programme which began with an aircraft named the X-1 in 1946. This was followed by the X-2, X-3, X-4 and so on. The latest craft to be named in this way was the X-61 in 2019. This means the US Air Force are on track to name another aircraft X-90 within the next few decades. Exactly when they use this name depends on how rapidly they produce this type of aircraft. At times they’ve produced a new one every year, whereas at other times they have had several years between new aircraft. 

If they do create another X-90 aircraft at some point in the future, I’d hazard a guess that it won’t be a success for the US Air Force. But it could be yet another success for the ingenious Cosmic Masters…!