UFO news from around the world

The head of NASA and the head of the Russian Space Agency are both taking UFOs seriously – what about you?

The UFO conversation is becoming more and more mainstream, and governments in many countries are beginning to respond more openly.

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A Tale of Two Operation Sunbeams

The 1960s could be said to contain demonstrations of both some of the best aspects of our history and some of the worst aspects of our history.

Starting with one of the worst, in 1962, for example, something terrible happened.

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‘Oumuamua and the Comet That Wasn’t a Comet

‘Oumuamua was an exciting find for astronomers because it is generally accepted as the first observed interstellar object. However, The Aetherius Society has a report of another interstellar object which preempts this by decades.

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Satellites X-90 & XB-70: What’s in a Name?

In a Transmission delivered in 1954, published in You Are Responsible, the Master Aetherius spoke about two satellites placed into orbit of Earth by the Cosmic Masters: X-90 and XB-70. He said several governments already knew about these satellites.

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An Alien Base Under the Sea of Japan

As the name indicates, UFOs – unidentified flying objects – are typically regarded as an aerial phenomenon. However, there is a growing discussion around them not just being seen in our skies, but in our oceans as well. 

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Spiritual Optimism

Some people are proud to say they are pessimistic. Some would say that it’s more realistic than optimism.

But actually nothing could be further from the truth.

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Divide and conquer.

One of the concerning side-effects of the current issue of the day, is the division it creates. People are polarised around this, particularly in two ways: The nature of the issue (what it actually is, how serious it is, and how accurate the reporting of information and around it is) How individuals and governments should…

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