Beaver Builder is an awesome drag and drop builder for WordPress with huge potential. Unlike some builders, it offers quite a blank canvas to begin with so you can really create your own unique look and feel for each site. There are plenty of customisation options already within Beaver Builder, and you can always take it further with your own CSS. But sometimes you don’t want to reinvent the wheel and you’d rather let someone else do it for you. If this is you then you might like to try Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder (UABBB)

What you get with this premium plugin

The number of modules, rows and page templates you get is always growing. At the time of publishing, you get:

  • 55+ modules
  • 200+ rows
  • 100+ page templates

The product integrates well with Beaver Builder and also Beaver Themer, including field connections.


There are three levels of annual subscription. The lowest price package is US$69 annually and that is the subscription I’ve got.

Quality of coding – is it buggy?

It’s regularly updated and I’ve been happy with the level of quality.

Quality of support

I have found this to be responsive and have no complaints.

Lite version plugin

There is a lite version of the product available for free from the WordPress plugin repository and it’s highly rated. View the lite version.

How does it compare to PowerPack Addons for Beaver Builder?

This is the big question as these two products – UABB and PowerPack – are the most popular addons products for Beaver Builder. So which is best?

Having used both of them a fair bit, I would say that both are good quality products. Both offer a wide range of modules and designs. The pricing is also very similar. So what it really comes down to is – which one do you like?

There’s no clear winner on the specs really, so it’s just a matter of reviewing their offerings and seeing which ones you’d be most likely to use. Personally, I’ve used both pretty equally really. Although they have a similar range of products, there are some differences and even within products that are basically the same, the styling and/or features on offer can vary. It’s not about which is best, but about which suits what you want to do best.


So to sum up UABB, I’m happy with it and will continue with my subscription. I’d recommend it to anyone getting into the Beaver Builder ecosystem who wants some quick and easy modules that can help you save time and effort when building new sites.

Find out more on the official UABB website

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