The benefits of automated marketing are many and varied.

It’s not just about cost saving by replacing call centre staff with software. There are efficiencies other than cost that make it well worth the time and effort to implement.

In fact the benefits aren’t just for the company as the customer stands to gain a lot from well-implemented automated marketing.

I prefer to think of it as a way to automate the initial part of the conversation and keep staff available for customers further down the funnel, who are really looking for that deeper level of conversation.

As much of an advocate for automation as I am, I don’t see that automation will ever be able to replace the human touch which will always be essential.

Here are a few quick reasons to automate.

It’s always on

Chances are that some of your customers are looking at your products or services when you’re not in the office. And when you’re selling internationally, it’s often when you’re asleep.

Automation can mean you’re available to respond to enquiries 24/7.

It’s faster

When your customer asks a question via email, and it’s a question you can answer automatically, then they get the answer immediately. They don’t have to wait on hold or wait till you’re back in the office, they can find out straight away.

It’s scalable

In principle, there’s really no limit to the volume you can handle with automation. It scales really well, although you do have to build better systems as you grow.

It’s more efficient

Answers to questions can be considered and the best possible response prepared well in advance. So you’re not rushing around trying to figure out an answer, it’s already written up and polished, ready to go. It also avoids having to repeatedly provide the same answer time and time again.

It’s not ‘all or nothing’

Automation can be implemented gradually, and in fact this is the best way to implement it.

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