Every business or website owner with an email list wants more sign ups. The more the better! Increasing these types of conversions is the science of conversion rate optimisation.

Here are some simple tips to work through and ensure that you are doing all you can to optimise your conversion rate and increase your email sign ups.

Check your webform

  • Use a web form that is simple to understand and use. It doesn’t need to be super-fancy with lots of bells and whistles. You might like to try Typeform (pricey), Wufoo (functional), or if you’re on WordPress, then Gravity Forms. Some email platforms also provide forms you can embed. These can be fine but sometimes are a bit basic. Most premium forms can connect to lots of different email platforms, either natively or through services such as Zapier, so shop around.
  • Ensure it works well on mobile.
  • Test your form on different devices. This sounds obvious but without testing you never really know that it works. Using a quality, premium form provider makes this a safer bet.
  • Position it correctly on the page. If it’s in the footer then it’s not going to be seen as often and won’t get as many submissions. If it’s visible on page load then you’ll get more signups. This matters on both desktop and mobile.
  • Deploy it sitewide. Having it on only one page will limit your sign ups.
  • Ensure it’s easy and quick to use. This means having as few fields as possible, but as many as necessary.
  • Consider pop ups forms like those from Optin Monster. These can work really well on some sites but they can also be seen as annoying and spammy by some people, so consider carefully whether they’re right for your scenario. They can be configured to pop up after a certain number of pageviews, or time on site, or even when people move their mouse up towards the back button.

Improve your offer

Why should people sign up? The more compelling the answer to that question is the better. Some ideas for this include:

  • Create a new ebook that offers valuable content for free. Make it so good that you feel you should really be charging for it, not giving it away. Include links back to your site within it.
  • Produce quality content on your blog so that people can see the value in what you produce and want more.
  • Offer a discount if they sign up. This isn’t necessarily a great idea, but it could work in some cases. If people only want a discount then they may not be the type of people who will engage with your content. However, they may be the type of people who love a discount and this may be enough to make them customers.

Send the right content

  • If you’re sending customers an automated series after signup then ensure it goes out promptly. Waiting till the next day to manually add someone to a list will reduce your engagement metrics. But automatically sending them something within seconds or minutes of their sign up will produce better results.
  • If your form won’t connect to your email platform automatically then change providers until you have a setup where this is possible. If your form and email don’t talk to each other out of the box, then you may be able to make this possible using a connection service such as Zapier.
  • Make sure the first email you send them is as personalised as it can be. Ensure that it’s something they really want to receive. This will set your relationship up correctly from the outset and position you as an emailer that your customer actually wants to hear from. Open and click rates generally decline over time so the higher you set the bar on this first email the better.
  • Sending the right content will also mean more of your emails are forwarded on to friends and these are more people who can visit your site and sign up themselves.

Test and improve

Measure the number of email sign ups you’re getting. If you’re not already doing this then make this your first step. Ensuring that you know the daily or weekly number of sign ups you’re getting before beginning your optimisation, means that you have benchmark against which you can measure the success of the changes you make.

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