Recently I wanted to manually add Contacts to a Marketing List via an Advanced Find. Being added to this particular list was the trigger for a Campaign Automation. The Contacts got added to the list fine but didn’t get into the automation. 

This is a known issue and the reason for this is below which I’ve copied from this post on the ClickDimensions website

The workarounds they offer do the trick (at least the first one – the Look-up method – did). 

Hopefully they resolve this issue as the Advanced Find method is definitely preferable. Via Look-up is a bit of a painful option if you’re working with thousands of entries.

NOTE: ClickDimensions has become aware of an issue in Microsoft CRM that can prevent Campaign Automations from being executed against a record that is added to a marketing list using CRM’s “Add Members Using Advanced Find” and/or “Copy to Marketing List”method. If you choose “Add only the selected members to the marketing list” this will work. But if you choose “Add all the members returned by the search to the marketing list”, it will not send the required message to CRM that is needed to trigger our nurture program. Microsoft is aware of this issue but has not provided an ETA on a fix. Meanwhile, the following methods of adding contacts or leads to marketing lists work fine to trigger the Campaign Automations associated with the marketing list:

  • Add marketing list members via Look-up
  • Add marketing list members via running an Advanced Find then using the “Add to Marketing List” button on the Advanced Find Results page
  • Add marketing list members via the “Add to Marketing List” action on web content records
  • Add marketing list members to a static list using a workflow. You can see how to do so here.
  • Add marketing list members using the ClickDimensions import tool.

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